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About us


About Us

Vistara Info is a group of skilled professionals. In this world of competition, a number of professional talents work collectively and help you to improve your online presence through very attractive, user-friendly and interesting websites, mobile applications. Vistara Info provides you very innovative and unique ideas as per your requirement to increase your marketing.

    Why Choose US?
  • Understanding of IT and web services.
  • We can maneuver into the good direction.
  • Code review and automatic testing.
  • Customer oriented approach.
  • Global thinking with an amateur spiritual.

We are dedicated to satisfy our clients by our best quality work and response. Our strength is our professional project planning and quality of code. Our mission is to provide various benefits such like speed to market, high quality people and processes, cutting edge technology expertise and a full service portfolio.

Industries We Serve

Banking & Financial Services

With a wealth of experience partnering the world’s leading banks and financial institutions, and a comprehensive range of services and solutions, we work to ensure your investments, enhanced operational efficiencies, minimized risk and sustained cost leadership.


We offer IT-based governance solutions that work for all stakeholders. Our digital governance solutions promote efficiency, transparency and policy effectiveness, enabling sustainable growth in areas that matter most to citizens and consumers.


We enable healthcare organizations to enhance operational efficiencies, streamline internal processes, modernize business and develop customer tracing and analysis systems, while meeting demand of modern medical systems.

High Tech

In modern fast paced world, High Tech enterprises are coping with challenges such as reduced time-to-market, technological updating and constant risk management and reduction to corporate.

Manufacturing, Trading & Servicing

In today’s world Manufacturers are trying to reduce operational expenditure, investing in to speed up the process, improvement in quality and monitoring, utilize existing capacity to maximum and increase efficiencies, while maintaining product quality and meeting safety standards with ideal business models in combination of manpower and technology.

Travel, Transport & Hospitality

We help companies in the Travel; Transportation and Hospitality industries to take advantage of the technology to achieve, innovation and cost-effective capabilities to satisfy their most required business needs.

our most valuable

Client Testimonials

Lisa L.Australia

"With Vistara Team we can depend on to understand our web development strategies and transition them to high-end tactics. They do a beautiful job because they care about the relationship – they want to be kept in the mix, as an associate – and we place great value on that."

John Q.United Kingdom

"It is just what I had hoped you would do for us. The format is cleaner, tighter, more legible, better organized and I love what you did with the pictures. I think too much inside the same box and I have learned from your layout."


"Let me express my thanks and appreciation for the timely efforts and hard work put forth by Vistara Team. We have received many compliments on our website which in turn creates many jobs. Thank you for your continued help."


“We found a great team – since our cooperation all projects have been developed and managed in a professional way, also appereciate quick support whenever we needed."